The development of cataracts (curtains) is part of aging. It is opacity of the eye lens. The normal lens is transparent and focuses the light at the back of the eye. When cataract develops, vision diminishes. Most people with cataract have it on both eyes, but sometimes one is worse, because each cataract develops to varying degrees. Here are some of the symptoms of cataracts:


Blurred vision.

Changes in the way colors are perceived.

Problems with night driving due to dazzle from the headlights of incoming vehicles.

Problems with dazzle from sunlight and the radiance of other light sources.

Double vision in one eye.


Changing the glasses' dioptres or using magnifying glasses can only temporarily improve vision. With time, however, they no longer help.


The cataract is diagnosed with an ophthalmologist examination. It is mandatory to visit an ophthalmologist if you have any of these symptoms.




The only treatment for cataract is surgery.


The surgical treatment of cataracts consists of removing the opaque lens and replacing it with an artificial lens.


The most advanced approach to cataract surgery is the use of the so-called femtosecond laser. It is used for the first stage of the operation - the incisions. They are made by the laser without the surgeon touching the eye. Such precision is not achievable by any surgeon in the world.


At the “Zora” Eye Hospital, we use the latest device for this type of operation - Alcon LenSx® Laser.


Such technology guarantees flawless results and assurance for both the surgeon and patient. It has a series of advantages over regular cataract surgery.

With the LenSx® laser, you can be sure that you have chosen the most advanced and innovative cataract surgery technology currently in place. Every operation with it is bloodless, unique and strictly individual. A computer scans the subject's eye into a 3D image. Then it centers on the eye and makes the incisions in seconds without the surgeon ever touching it. Such precision is impossible in ordinary surgery, performed by any doctor in the world.

A local anesthetic is used for the laser procedure. It lasts for no more than 20 minutes and is very gentle to the patient. It can even be used in very old-age patients who have other accompanying diseases.